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My Story

My mom, brother, and I went to a neighborhood ice cream shop for some ice cream.  My brother and I had plain ice cream, and my mom had ice cream with sprinkles.  

We came home and sat at our kitchen table to eat.  Mom put me in my high chair (I was about 20 months old at the time) when the phone rang, and she went to go answer it.  While she was out of the room, I got out of my high chair, crawled across the table, and started eating her ice cream.  

By the time she got off the telephone, I started breaking out with hives.  She called my dad to tell him what was going on and to have him come home from work.  Mom then called the doctor to find out what to do.  

By the time my dad got home, Mom had me in a warm bath with baking soda to help with the hives.  While Dad was keeping an eye on me in the tub, my eye started to swell shut and I started coughing.  The doctor had told Mom if I started coughing to take me to the hospital right away.  They called the doctor again to say we were going to the hospital. 

Dad dropped off Mom & I at the Emergency Room, and Mom carried me in on her shoulder telling the staff I was having an allergic reaction.  They took Mom & I back to an exam room while Dad registered me at the desk.  When Dad made it back to where I was, the doctor and nurses were getting ready to put an IV in my arm to start giving me treatments.  

The doctor kept me in the hospital over night giving me breathing treatments and medicines in my IV.  The next day the doctor told my parents that I had a peanut reaction, gave them some information on peanut allergy, and I was able to go home.  As I got older I started learning about my allergy and how I needed to be careful around all kinds of foods.  





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